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Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes for lockdown

From spicy beans on toast to new takes on European classics, our resident star cook picks 10 of his favourite archive dishes made with store-cupboard staples (and a few twists of your own)

After the first few minutes of boiling, spaghetti are just stringy strands that you really wouldn’t want to eat. But at about the seven-minute mark, things start to change: the strands begin to yield and soften, before, eventually, they give in and give way, ready to be sauced up and spruced up.

The past few months have felt a bit like this, too, as the world was thrown into hot water and told to change its form. We may not have reached that seven-minute mark quite just yet, but our ability to adapt and acclimatise gives me hope that we soon will. For now, though, the kitchen is our safe space, even if the question “What do I want for dinner?” has now changed to: “How do I make do with what I have?”

Remember, recipes aren’t sacred; they are only there to guide and support you on your mealtime journeys. The skills and confidence you’ll build along the way will stay with you for ever and in time will shape the new way we all eat in future.